Receptive Association of Civil Engineers(RACE)

The Civil Engineering Association of Christ college of Engineering has come to an existence on April 19 2017 and officially named as RACE (Receptive Association of Civil Engineers). This was formed with a fundamental motive of integration and encouragement of Civil engineering students of Christ family by incorporating socially relevant and developmental activities. The formal inauguration of this association was done on April 19 2017 by Shri: Jayprakash Narayanan, a veteran in the field of Civil Engineering. Along with this an expert lecture was given by him on the topic “Opportunities and Challenges in Civil Engineering Profession”. The session was really fruitful for the budding civil engineers and it could generate a positive vibe among the students towards the professional aspects of Civil Engineering. In addition to this, agrant expo was also being arranged which exhibited the real talents of Civil Engineering students of Christ College of Engineering. The major models included historical structures , innovative prototypes and creative models.