Laboratories - Civil Department

The Civil Engineering Department of Christ College of Engineering has well equipped laboratories in which the undergraduate level laboratory testing as well as private sector works are being done. The department has laboratories on

  • Basic Civil Engineering and Surveying Lab
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Transportation Engineering Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Drawing Lab

1. Basic Civil Engineering and Surveying Lab

Surveying laboratory is offered with a basic aim of practising the art of surveying using modern equipment throughout the course of study. The laboratory works include collection of field data using both conventional and modern equipment. Laboratory works are performed in group and will be provided with a set of dedicated instruments including dumpy level, theodolite, total station, plane table, chain and related accessories.

2. Transportation engineering Lab:

Transportation engineering lab is used for research and investigation in the fields of rigid and flexible pavements and testing pavements materials and structures. This lab is well equipped for the testing of Soil, aggregates and bitumen properties. These tests are performed at standard conditions and are tested using highly sophisticated equipment.

The major equipments are

  • Softening point testing apparatus
  • CBR Apparatus
  • Penetrometer
  • Marshall Stability testing Apparatus
  • Aggregate Shape test
  • Aggregate Impact test
  • Crushing strength test
  • Los Angeles Abrasion testing machine
  • Ductility apparatus
  • Orifice tar viscometer
  • Pensky martins apparatus

3. Material Testing and Concrete Lab

The material testing and concrete laboratory is well equipped with the state of the art equipments to test the basic properties of engineering materials like brick, wood, steel, and concrete. The laboratory houses the following major equipments which are being used for both academic and consultancy works on a regular basis

  • Universal testing Machine
  • Torsion testing Machine
  • Impact testing Machine( Izod /Charpy )
  • Hardness testing Machine(Brinnell, Rockwell and Vicker’s)
  • Torsion Pendulum
  • Clarks Maxwell’s Apparatus
  • Spring Testing Machine
  • Workability Test Apparatus(Slump , Compaction Factor, Vee Bee, Flow test)
  • Vicat’s Apparatus
  • Le Chatliers Apparatus

4. Geotechnical Engineering Lab

The geotechnical engineering or soil mechanics laboratory consists of equipments to test and study the properties of soil and also to understand the engineering behaviour of soil under varying load conditions. The laboratory is equipped with all standard equipments to perform tests on soil as per the curriculum and also for private sector. The major equipments include

  • Direct shear Apparatus
  • UCC test Apparatus
  • Consolidation test
  • Permeability Test
  • Proctor compaction Apparatus
  • CBR Machine
  • Sieve Shakers
  • Atterberg’s Consistency Limits
  • Core cutter Apparatus

5. CADD Lab

The institute possesses a well-equipped computer lab established for the benefit of the civil engineering students. Civil engineering softwares are procured for making the students globally competent. Professional training on CADD, STADD and PRIMAVERA. RIVET training is also offered as a value added programme. Students are gaining hands on experience of drafting and modelling needed for the curriculum as well as consultancy works